Rx for Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s Hair: Finesse It

We were offended to learn that US Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s (D-FL) tight, wavy curls were called “the angry perm” and “ramen noodle hair.” And not by ill-mannered adolescents but political pundits. To them we say that there’s no justification for appearance-shaming. If you can’t be witty without it, quit your job and go back to high school where you’ll fit right in.

That said, we now risk the ire of “Embrace Your Curls” advocates by acknowledging the germ of truth behind those comments. Not all curl patterns flatter the wearer right out of the head, so to speak — yet with a few edits they become curl-fabulous. Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s hair is a prime example.

DWS routinely wears her hair in a wash-and-go with (according to her 2013 tweet) “Curls Rock Curl Creme or Miss Jessie’s Curly Pudding, Frizz Ease mousse, Argan oil, in that order.” It’s an understandable strategy given Florida’s diabolical humidity, which can turn any curl into an every-hair-for-itself frizz in minutes. But the downside is that the finished product looks plastered into submission and doesn’t flatter her face.

Regardless of anyone’s opinion, the most important question is whether Wasserman Schultz likes the look on herself or is just settling out of convenience. One thing is clear: when the occasion really matters (such as a campaign event) or when she’s posting an image that will receive heavy viewing (her Twitter photo), she styles her hair differently. And guess what? It looks fabulous.

Here she is at a 2016 Clinton campaign rally. PHOTO The tight curl has been softened, probably with a hit of blow drying to stretch the bangs and sides and to add some root lift. It’s no longer pasted down, noodle-y, or frizzing. Instead, it’s bigger, looser, healthy-looking, and highly flattering to her facial features. And she knows it — her entire persona is vibrant. She looks like she feels gorgeous, and anyone who says that doesn’t matter is lying.

PHOTO Her Twitter photo is also a loosened curly style that’s been worked a little — maybe a touch of blow drying to loosen it and a bit of curling iron to organize her natural curls. It, too, is a fantastic look for her. And for that matter, even her default wash-and-go mentioned above could be easily transformed to look flattering. How? Keratin.

Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s hair is a textbook example of the benefits of a Brazilian keratin treatment for curly hair worn curly. With a keratin treatment, both the campaign event and Twitter styles above could be created quickly and easily at home. Even more importantly given her humid habitat, they would retain their shape afterward without frizzing. Indeed, they’d easily last from a few days to a week needing only several minutes of minor daily touch-up. Even her current air-dry would improve a lot with keratin: looser, longer, faster drying and frizz-free without rigidity or goo.

En VOGUE: Seriously?

What if she wanted to wear it straight? A keratin treatment would make it easy, but there are no extant photos to show how such a style would look on her. Wasserman Schultz was photographed with much straighter hair for a 2012 Vogue photo shoot but thanks to an insulting, heavy-handed photo edit, it’s impossible to say how she’d really look. Vogue gave her a digital nose job, reshaped her eyes, lightened her skin and even changed its undertones. After that photo shopping spree she looked nothing like herself, but our guess is that she would wear a smooth style beautifully. With a keratin treatment she’d have the versatility to alternate between straight and curly styles in one third of the normal styling time, and to keep the looks intact thanks to its powerful frizz resistance.


Keratin would allow her to easily style it straight if she chooses, in a fraction of the normally needed time and with minimal blow drying and/or flat ironing. And afterward, it would resist “poufing” or frizzing even in the Florida humidity. For hair like hers, which appears to be a very tense, tight curl in which the strands themselves are thick in diameter, we’d probably suggest our Uncurly Plus formula, particularly given her highly humid habitat.

In sum, Debbie Wasserman Schultz could dramatically improve the styling range and appearance of her hair, eliminate frizz and pouf, and reduce styling effort with a Brazilian keratin treatment. If you see her, tell her we’ll be happy to send a bottle of Uncurly on the house if she’s interested!

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