Brazilian Keratin Treatments Are
Stylists’ First Choice
For Their Own Hair

But the high cost puts off many others who really need the help.

Salons routinely charge $200 to $500, plus expensive aftercare products and tip, for Brazilian Blowout,™ Coppolla Keratin Complex, and other keratin treatments.

Fortunately, since 2012, Uncurly DIY Brazilian Keratin has pioneered high-performance at-home keratin treatments that meet or exceed any salon’s results yet cost only $20-$25 per use for most clients.

Get Full-Strength Professional
Brazilian Keratin Treatments at Home
— For Even the Most Difficult Hair

Unlike weak, ineffective, short-lived Amazon/eBay/Sallys/drugstore products, Uncurly is serious, superior, salon-perfect keratin — the kind that isn’t sold to the public.

Uncurly’s salon-strength formula applies a transformative keratin “topcoat” delivering every advantage of a high-end salon Brazilian keratin treatment.

  • Frizz-free hair — even in high humidity or heavy perspiration
  • Lasts 3-5 months — longer with successive treatments
  • Versatile styling — go straight and sleek, or loosened curls
  • Drying + styling time cut in half — fewer tangles, too
  • Restores hair damaged by bleach, heat, and relaxers to like-new condition
  • Natural-friendly — great for hair transitioning from relaxers
  • Strengthens against breakage — for dramatically longer growth
  • Costs $20-$25 per typical treatment, depending on length and volume
  • Uncurly Classic or Uncurly Plus — tailored to any climate, curl pattern, or ethnicity
  • Cruelty-free — no animal testing ever

Go Straight or Go Curly

Uncurly can be customized for a straight, sleek style, or to loosen the curls and forget the frizz.

Transitioning From Relaxers to Natural Hair?
Great Choice!

Uncurly solves the headaches that are often part of the journey.

  • Eliminates reversion, shrinkage, or frizz from humidity and perspiration
  • Blends textures — harmonious blend of relaxed hair, new growth, and mixed curl patterns
  • Often prevents “big chop” — Restores hair with relaxer and heat damage, or naturally coarse hair, to soft, shiny like-new condition
  • Dramatically easier manageability — dry and style in minutes, even thick, heavy hair
  • Versatile styling
    • fast-drying, loosened curl wash-and-go or twist-out
    • quick, easy straightening with minimal heat
    • gorgeous roller/curlformer set
    • any other style you’d like
  • Supports length goals — powerful strengthening against breakage for longer growth than ever before

Uncurly’s Mission Is
To Make Life-Changing Brazilian Keratin
Available and Affordable to All

Not the weak, ineffective, short-lived drugstore/Sally’s/online products, but serious, superior salon-perfect keratin — the kind that isn’t sold to the public.

Uncurly is the only at-home keratin treatment with professional-quality results as good or better than any salon’s.

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